Winter sports have the closest connection to mother nature as it exclusively relies on its natural environment and weather conditions.

Skiers should thus be the most eco-friendly in the practice of their sport in respecting the environment and make sure they leave minimal mark on the mountain. Unfortunately, even if the majority of mountain visitors are respectful of the environment, much damage still remains accounted for at the season’s end and the followings are no rare treasures on any mountains anywhere:

– Cigarette’s bud and packs
– Plastic rapping, bags and bottles
– Papers rapping, brochures, maps, receipts, etc
– Chewing gums
– Aluminum cans
– Glass debris

Mountains should be litter free zones! Please join our efforts to providing support to all ski areas. We owe it to ourselves, to each other and to future generations. Respect the Earth and our Environment.

Natural Born Skier – made in nature.

People worldwide are facing unprecedented pressures on their natural environments. To ensure thoughtful decisions on complex environmental issues, we need environmentally aware populations. Yet creating a population well informed on environmental issues is becoming increasingly challenging. Changing demographics, advancing technology and global perspectives all compete for our attention and awareness.

By visiting ski resorts, people are directly exposed to the mountain environment, its beauty, scenery and vulnerability thus becoming more conscious of the importance it really is by spending more time on the land and protecting it.

Environmental educational and awareness programs are vital to all factors of our environment: economic, cultural and social.

We strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

We walk, bike, ski or ride rather than drive when possible.

We print if necessary or required by our clients or by law such as contracts, transcripts or receipts. When doing so, we select recycled paper or paper from which the pulp in the paperboard comes from forests that are managed for the protection of wildlife habitat, maintenance of biodiversity, and other forest-sustainability criteria.

We consume local organic produce and specialties wherever we are.

We recycle at the office, we recycle at home, we recycle on and off the slopes!

By definition we all create waste.

But the challenge will be to do our best to minimize it as much as possible and reach a level of low waste or fully recyclable solutions…

DO NOT LITTER! Make good use of garbage cans and keep the mountain clean.

Make the future clean!