Animal abuse for skiwear

Animal abuse for skiwear

The famous brand Moncler is at the center of a scandal following the release of a report showing the making of goose down jackets, in which we can see the birds plucked alive. The french Foundation 30 Million Friends (30 Millions d’Amis), who fought such methods for many years, called consumers to be vigilant.


This video was broadcasted on November 2, 2014 on the Italian public broadcaster Rai 3 and revived the controversy, showing the conditions of goose feathers plucking for making down jackets for the Italian brand – of French origin – Moncler. The images are clear showing the birds plucked alive. Some birds are badly injured roughly stitched back alive and covered with antiseptic to reduce the risk of infection. The plucked geese hardly hold up, their approach is shaky, their sufferings are evident. The scene was filmed in Hungary, far from the nicely presented Moncler ski resorts stores.


This report exposes an illegal and cruel practice widespread in the European Community. “By producing down jackets for a price of around 40 euros and selling them in stores at prices between 500 and 2500 euros, Moncler makes substantial margins at the expense of consumers,” says the report.


A petition from the 30 Million Friends Foundation is still online.

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