Helping the Philippines

Helping the Philippines

There is no measuring the breadth and depth of human suffering in the Philippines right now. There are so many areas affected by the Typhoon. Hundreds of thousands of desperate residents left without power or communications as tales of horror emerge.

The Philippines does not have sufficient resources on its own to deal with a disaster of this magnitude, and Australia, New Zealand, Israel, the United States and several European governments and agencies were mounting a major relief effort.

It is our mission as skiers, snowboarder, winter and mountain sport lovers to send the affected population our courage and positive energy. This in turn will encourage the victims in these areas as well as the rest of the Philippines that is supporting them through this disaster in a recovery process that will take a long time, as it did for the Tsunamis in Sri Lanka and Japan.

Any funds raised by us, by you, by anyone who wishes to help will be a great inspiration. We invite you to make a pledge today to the organization of your choice.

Your positive energy and financial support will help the Philippines recover and return to health and prosperity.

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