"Jetman" flies over Mount Fuji

"Jetman" flies over Mount Fuji

Strapped to wings and jet engines, Swiss aviator Yves Rossy, known as “Jetman”, zipped around the skies of Japan’s highest mountain Mount Fuji, flying over the ski resorts of Snow Town Yeti & Fujiten Snow.

“It’s a fantastic privilege to be a little mosquito flying in front of that big mountain,” the 54-year-old former Swiss air force pilot said.

Yves Rossy, with a 60-kilogram kit strapped on his back, circled the country’s highest and most revered mountain nine times over one week until last Sunday.

In each flight lasting about 10 minutes, he dived from a helicopter, soared as high as 3,657 meters (12,000 feet) and parachuted back to earth from an altitude of around 800 metes (2,624 feet).

Yves Rossy designed and built his own jetman system – a backpack with carbon-fibre wings spanning about two metres, powered by four attached jet engines modified from large model aircraft engines. It can reach speeds of 300 kilometres per hour

“It’s really impressive. It’s a perfect form, a huge mountain, a huge volcano, a presence that you can feel on ground and also in the air.”

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