Ladies can Ski Jump!

Ladies can Ski Jump!

Women’s ski jumping will be makes its Olympic debut this winter at the Sochi Olympic. This year’s season World Cup opening takes place in Lillehammer, Norway and was an historic moment as 70 ladies from 17 nations were fighting for a spot in the main competition. The current leaders ate Sara Takanashi of Japan, Daniela Iraschko of Austria and Gianina Ernst of Germany.

“The high number of registered athletes was an amazing start. The numbers are showing the attractiveness and fast development of the discipline, which is in its third World Cup edition this season. The first appearance of Team Poland in Lillehammer is a sign of the bright future of ladies’ Ski Jumping” said FIS Race Director for ladies’ Ski Jumping, Chika Yoshida.

Here is the season 2013-2014 Ladies’ Ski Jumping schedule:

21-12-2013          Hinterzarten, Germany          HS 108 (K-95)
22-12-2013          Hinterzarten, Germany          HS 108 (K-95)
03-01-2014          Chaikovsky, Russia               HS 106 (K-95)
04-01-2014          Chaikovsky, Russia               HS 106 (K-95)
11-01-2014          Sapporo, Japan                    HS 98 (K-90)
12-01-2014          Sapporo, Japan                    HS 98 (K-90)
18-01-2014          Zao, Japan                            HS 100 (K-90)
19-01-2014          Zao, Japan                            HS 100 (K-90)
25-01-2014          Ljubno, Slovenia                    HS 93 (K-85)
26-01-2014          Ljubno, Slovenia                    HS 93 (K-85)
01-02-2014          Hinzenbach, Austria              HS 94 (K-85)
02-02-2014          Hinzenbach, Austria              HS 94 (K-85)
01-03-2014          Rasnov, Romania                  HS 90 (K-90)
02-03-2014          Rasnov Romania                   HS 90 (K-90)
08-03-2014          Oslo, Norway                        HS 134 (K-120)
15-03-2014          Falun, Sweden                      HS 98 (K-90)
16-03-2014          Falun, Sweden                      HS 98 (K-90)
22-03-2014          Planica, Slovenia                   HS 139 (K-125)

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