Nordic Combined World Cup in Lillehammer

Nordic Combined World Cup in Lillehammer

The American-born Olympic champion Jason Lamy Chappuis of France won a Nordic combined World Cup event on Saturday in Lillehammer, Norway for his first victory of the season. He was second after the ski jump and overtook leader Francois Braud of France midway through the 10 kilometer cross-country race to win in a time of 26:45:2, Akito Watabe of Japan took second place with +13.5 seconds and Mikko Kokslien of Norway came third with +18.3.

Braud jumped 99.5 meters to take the lead with 122.5 points, earning him an 8 second head start over Lamy Chappuis in the cross-country race, but the Frenchman faded toward the end and finished sixth.

Jason Lamy Chappuis showed he is good form ahead of defending his title this season; the four-time world champion finished off the pace in fifth in the season opener in Kuusamo last month but bounced back in Norway!

Germany’s Eric Frenzel, winner of the opening individual World Cup event, finished in tenth leaving him third in the season’s overall standings.

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