Olympic Games & Sustainable Development

Olympic Games & Sustainable Development

10 years since Athens hosted the summer Olympics marking the 100-year anniversary of the modern Olympics. The 10 billion Euros games left a bitter taste, as most infrastructures are now derelict, forgotten and completely useless. These games were a missed opportunity, no doubt about it, says former Athens Olympics spokesman Stratos Safioleas.

Reuters photographer Yorgos Karahalis has gone around the Greek capital and taken pictures of sites that all world sport eyes were directed at in 2004, hoping it will be used as a warning to Rio de Janeiro before its hosts the summer Olympics in two years.

The pictures speak for themselves so no need to continue further besides hoping that the IOC (international Olympic Committee) and its “sports and environment” commission, as well as any other sport’s governing bodies act accordingly and responsibly, just as it was done for the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway which produced the most sustainable games ever. Sports are ecologic and sustainable by nature so their infrastructures and organization should also be green!


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