VIST TECH is a young italian company specialized in the production of platesbindings and combination ski systems.
Nearly all VIST products are 100% handmade at the headquarters in Mussolente, Italy.


VIST TEH focuses on the combination of sophisticated design and high quality, as a means of producing innovative products in the ski world and is one of 6 worldwide producers of bindings for alpine skiing.


Innovation and dynamism are the characteristics that always distinguish it from the rest, ever since the first victories at the Olympics in Nagano in 1998 by athletes using plates produced by VIST, making it stand out in the ski market. From there followed prompt recognition at an international level by ski manufacturers, as well as the most formidable athletes of the World Cup.


The patented plate-binding combinationsystems complete the range of products and ensure the highest ease of use and guarantee incredible skiing performance for every skill level.



Palude Di Caldaro, 15
39040 – Ora (BZ)


T: +39 0471 802273
F: +39 0471 802273

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