Rewards for Recycling

Rewards for Recycling

High-tech reverse vending machines that give recyclers rewards in exchange for plastic bottles or cans have been installed in the City of Sydney, Australia. The machines can take and crush around 2,000 to 3,000 containers before they automatically email an adjacent store to tell staff they are full. The store owners then empty the machine and send the contents off for recycling.

The move is an attempt to encourage more people to recycle their cans and bottle. The machines offer two-for-one food truck vouchers, bus tickets, or a 10 cent donation to charity group Clean Up Australia in exchange for rubbish. Recyclers can also choose to go into the draw to win a prime seat on the harbour for Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations or earn points on an Envirobank points card.

Even before being officially announced last week, three of Sydney’s machines had already filled up with more than 6,000 containers. And within the first three days of being launched, more than 10,000 containers were recycled between just two machines.

BornSkier strongly encourages any environmental actions which significantly increases recycling, reduces waste and protects wildlife and the environment from plastic pollution. We call on ski & mountain resorts worldwide to follow the green path… why not offering ski passes, food or/and drink vouchers for recycling?!

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