Sebastien Toutant Lands Backside 900

Sebastien Toutant Lands Backside 900

Sebastien Toutant, a professional snowboarder from Canada landed a massive flatspun backside 900 off his heel edge, stomped while practicing at the Mile High in Perisher, Australia. Spinning backside off the heels is flat-out awkward. It requires a whole bunch of pre-wind before you leave the lip, makes it way harder to pop, and puts you at risk of scrubbing speed at the lip, or worse, catching your edge right before you take off!

Halldor Helgason from Iceland is one of the riders who springs to mind as making this one popular, and over the last few years we have seen 360, 540 and even 720 versions go down from Halldor and quite recently, Norwegian Joachim Krogstie.

Adding that extra 180 and turning a back 720 into a backside 900 off the heels has never been stomped on camera before, so big props to Sebastien Toutant for stepping up on what is undoubtedly a pretty scary trick on a jump of that size.

Although it may not exactly seem like much of an achievement to turn a 720 into a 900, it is the little things like this that all add up to the overall progression of snowboarding.

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