Sensational Ski findings in Norway

Sensational Ski findings in Norway

Melting glaciers in the high mountains of southern Norway are revealing some treasures from the country’s past. Runar Lordalen, an archaeologist recently made an amazing discovery in Reinheimen National Park: a 1300 year old ski with a partially intact binding.


The ski was carbon dated along with other items found on site and it turns out that the ski was well-kept from the year 700 AD. which indicate it was just before the Viking era. It was found 1,700 meters above sea level.


The ski looks like it may have been used in deep powder snow for hunting because of its large width, as the Lesja mountain had a long tradition of deer hunting. Another suggestion that has come is that it might have been used to carry supplies into the mountains for the summer as well.


The ski was found towards the evening, but only the next day it was examined and brought down. The ski measures 1.72 meter long and 14.5 centimeters wide. The binding with intact leather was mounted on a raised portion in the middle of the ski, and it is possible to see a hole where the binding would be fastened.


The oldest find of a ski in Norway is dated to be 5,200 years old.

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