Skier's Best Friend

Skier's Best Friend

A dog will always understand you. This is because humans and dogs have had this connection for tens of thousands of years, thanks to behavioral and neural similarities in their brains, as well as sharing a similar social environment. Research shows that humans and dogs use similar brain mechanisms to process social information. This may support the successfulness of vocal communication between the two species. But the most striking similarity appeared in how dogs and humans processed the emotions behind sounds.

When it comes to winter sports, dogs are both happy to share any moments on the snow as well as helping out humans; they cherish interaction with humans just as much as they do with other dogs.

For example, Sochi established itself as the Olympic of wild animals. There were cats on the luge track and dogs coaching cross country skiers. Man’s best friend was trying to help skiers during their practice runs but it did not seem like anyone was taking the dog seriously.



During the same Winter Olympics, several athletes from different countries decided to adopt and bring home local wild dogs and were authorized to do so. One of these rescued dog will become an avalanche rescue dog in the United States!

Dogs are highly efficient and motivated to help find people buried in avalanches and when finding them, they bring them warmth and re-comfort. They are used in most ski resorts worldwide to assist ski patrol, mountain rescue and even fly aboard helicopters with their human friends. It typically takes about two years to train the rescue dogs.

They also are great mountain guides, blind guides, adventurer, care takers, hospital and disabled companions, bringing so much joy cheering everyone around anytime, making them perfect friends!

In the loving memory of Pourim, a 16 year old (puppy) ski and after-ski companion.

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