Skiing in Azerbaijan

Skiing in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is becoming a ski destination with two new attractive ski resort, ‪Qebele and Shahdag, located north of the capital city Baku in the Caucasus Mountains.

The Caucasus Range extends from the Black Sea to within 100km of the Caspian Sea and the eastern most part of it lies entirely within Azerbaijan. The highest summits are Bazardüzü with 4,485m (14,715 feet) and Mt. Shahdag with 4,243m (13,920 feet) offering breathtaking views and off-piste skiing conditions comparable to the best spots on earth frequently used by freerider, snowboarders and telemarkers.

In addition to the new resorts of Qebele and Shahdag, Azerbaijan remains a freeski and ski mountaineering destination with low tourism activities in the mountains, leaving wild, untouched terrains, great summits, beautiful slopes and a unique authentic cultural experience. There sure will be no competition for fresh tracks… a freerider’s paradise!

With similar weather conditions to Europe, winter in the Caucasus Mountains is though with low temperatures and abundant snow but due to the latitude the snow transforms quickly.

Located within the Shahdag National Park, Shahdag has an intact ecological system and an untouched flora and fauna. The resort is currently under development to enlarge and add ski lifts and slopes, a dozen hotels, golf clubs, more than 160 cottages, an Aqua Park, a car parks, shopping areas and workshops for technical works. Shahdag will become the largest winter and summer tourist complex in Azerbaijan! We will have a special announcement once the resort is fully completed.

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