Snow machines to fight fire at ski resort

Snow machines to fight fire at ski resort

Officials in Idaho (USA) used snow-making cannons in an effort to fight a growing wildfire at the famed Sun Valley Ski Resort.

The Castle Rock Fire, which grew to 41,097 acres (16,630 hectares) on Sunday, has reached Bald Mountain, the ski hill home to Sun Valley. The snow-making cannons, which are normally used to create a blanket of artificial snow for skiers, are now hosing down grassy hillsides.

“The snow-making guns aren’t going to stop a wildfire but they can prevent embers from starting fires in the grass,” said Jack Sibbach, director of marketing for the Sun Valley Ski Resort.

The resort also began running some of its ski lifts to keep lift cables from getting overheated by hot spots.

The fires have reached an area known as Seattle Ridge, where a $12 million ski lodge is threatened by advancing flames. To prevent damage to the building, the U.S. Forest Service has stationed a structure protection crew at the site around the clock. The luxurious ski lodge was built in 1993.

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