Snow Storm in Northeast US & Canada

Snow Storm in Northeast US & Canada

From Pennsylvania to Maine, From Quebec to New York, a blanket of white provided Northeast America with little relief from teeth chattering temperatures that forecasters said will rise over the weekend before plunging again. At least 16 deaths were blamed on the storm as it swept across eastern half, including three people who officials said died at least partly because of the extreme cold.

The quality of the snow falling is great as it is dry, light and fluffy, easy to move because the air was so cold when it snowed. Ski resorts in New England are happy with the recent snow dump and hope the weather will slightly “warm up” from these arctic weather which is forecasted to continue blasting in coming days and could even worsen. Temperatures reached -22 celsius (-8 fahrenheit) in Burlington, Vermont (USA), with a wind chill of -39 celsius (-29 fahrenheit).

Emergency officials warned that anyone spending more than a few minutes outdoors in such conditions could suffer frostbite so skiing and other winter sports are not recommended until the weather changes in the region.

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