Snowboarder Liz Daley Killed by Avalanche

Snowboarder Liz Daley Killed by Avalanche

This is a very tragic week for the ski & snowboard community. Following the news of the passing of extreme skiers Jean-Philippe Auclair and Andreas Fransson a few hours ago from Chili, we just received the news that snowboarder Liz Daley was also killed by a separate avalanche in South America.


Liz Daley shared her life between Washington, USA, and Chamonix, France, was an experienced climber and snowboarder who died after being swept away by an avalanche while practicing snowboarding on a hill of the Santa Cruz village of El Chalten, Argentina.


She arrived in South America two weeks ago with a group of climbers who ascended the Vespignani, on the west side of Lago del Desierto. The Vespignani is a mountain of 2,146 meters and one of the great tourist attractions for backcountry skiing and is part of the main packages for tourists visiting Santa Cruz Mountains.


The American sportsman was defined in their websites as “snowboarder, splitboard mountaineer, climber, mountain guide and instructor” officially certified AMGA. In addition, he had graduated in Environmental Education at home for his passion for the outdoors and mountaineering.

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