Sochi Paralympics - Day 4

Sochi Paralympics - Day 4

Men’s 12.5km – Visually Impaired:  Vitaliy Lukyanenko of Ukraine wins gold, Nikolay Polukhin of Russia settles for silver and Vasili Shaptsiaboi of Belarus takes bronze.

Women’s 10km – Visually Impaired:  Mikhalina Lysov and AIuliia Budaleeva of Russia respectively win gold and silver, ahead of Oksana Shyshkova of Ukraine who settles for bronze.

Men’s 12.5km – Standing:  Azat Karachurin of Russia wins gold, Nils-Erik Ulset of Norway silver and Mark Arendz of Canada bronze.

Women’s 10km – Standing:  Alena Kaufman of Russia wins gold, Oleksandra Kononova of Ukraine silver and Natalia Bratiuk of Russia bronze.

Men’s 12.5km – Sitting:  It was a exciting race for Russian skier Roman Petushkov,  Alexey Bychenok and Grigory Murygin who respectively took gold, silver and bronze in that order.

Women’s 10km – Sitting:  Anja Wicker of Germany won the gold medal ahead of Svetlana Konovalova of Russia and Lyudmyla Pavlenko of Ukraine respectively settling for silver and bronze.

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