Telemark Olympic Sport

Telemark Olympic Sport

Alpine skiing, ski cross, ski jumping, freestyle skiing, Nordic combined and cross country skiing are official Winter Olympics sports but telemark still have not been included as an Olympic sport despite been the origin of skiing disciplines.

Often regarded as the most complete of all alpine disciplines or as the “triathlon” of skiing as Telemark competitions consist of a giant or parallel slalom, jumps, a reipelykkje (a 360 degree-turn or loom) and cross-country skiing section all in one. There are several disciplines such as classic sprint, parallel sprint and dual downhill sprint, where two athletes race alongside each other. It is a very challenging and exciting sport to do and to watch.

Telemark differs from alpine skiing in that the boot is attached to the ski in a way that allows the heel to rise during turns. The outside ski leads into the turns rather than the inside, in a motion known as the “telemark turn”.

From the beginning, Bornskier has covered all major telemark events such as the FIS Telemark World Cup among others and wishes to see this thrilling and technical sport, with strong background, a rich history and tradition become an Olympic sport as it should have been a long time ago. Join our support!   #letsgettelemarkolympic


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