Telemark World Cup - Hintertux day 1

Telemark World Cup - Hintertux day 1

On the first day of the Telemark World Cup opening, the Swiss team dominated both Classic Sprint races in Hintertux, Austria. The race took place on the glacier at around 3,000 meters with good snow condition and clear weather.

In the women’s race, Amelie Reymond of Switzerland and a BornSkier Ambassador took first place with a total time of 1:51:54, more than 10 seconds ahead of Laura Grenier-Soliget of France taking second place with a time of 2:02:41. Simon Oerlhi of Switzerland took third place 2:03:46 followed by Mathilde Ilebrekke of Norway 2:03:72.

There was a very tight and exciting competition for the men’s podium with such a small difference for the lead. Nicolas Michel of Switzerland celebrated his first victory in the World Cup and his first podium by winning with a time of 1:44:16 ahead of Tobias Muller of Germany with a time of 1:44:19… maybe a snowflake of a difference! Phil Lau of France took third place with a time of 1:46:97.

Bastien Dayer of Switzerland finished 4th with a time of 1:50:35, Trym Loeken of Norway 5th and Matti Lopez of France 6th, all three racers within about :20 of a difference!

Another Classic Sprint today on the Hintertux glacier.

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