Three victories for the Attacking Vikings

Three victories for the Attacking Vikings

After a weekend dedicated to the men’s races, the ladies kicked off the season this week at Copper Mountain with a packed schedule of four FIS races held in the same day: two Super Giant races and two Super Combines.

The Norwegian team dominated this opening event as their ladies took home three victories!

Lotte Smiseth Sejersted, the 2012 downhill Junior World Champion won the first Super Giant. In the second Super Giant of the day the same ladies raced to the podium but this time it was Smith who clocked the fastest time, leaving Sejersted and Cook in second. Sejersted celebrated her second victory of the day with the fastest time in the Super Combined.

In the second Super Combined, Ragnhild Mowinckel stepped up her game a bit further as she went on to clock the fastest time, leaving American Cook and Canadian Larisa Yurkiw in second. Just like winter is here to stay, so is the Norwegian Team!

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