Top 21 Winter Olympic Sports

Top 21 Winter Olympic Sports

An interesting article was published in the USAToday on February 5, 2014 writen by Chris Chase on the “top 21 Winter Olympic sports ranking from easiest to hardest”! We thought it would be interesting to present to you and get your opinion.

Winter Olympic sports are harder than Summer Olympic sports. Most of us know how to run, jump, throw and swim, but skating, skiing and sledding are foreign to many Olympic viewers. Ahead of the 2014 Games in Sochi, For The Win attempts to determine which Winter Olympic sport is the hardest. We based our rankings of 21 different Olympic events on a single criteria: How difficult would it be for a casual viewer to finish an event?

21.  Curling
20.  Figure skating
19.  Bobsled
18.  Speed skating
17.  Ice dancing
16.  Pairs figure skating
15.  Halfpipe
14.  Short track speed skating
13.  Ski Cross/Snowboard Cross
12.  Moguls
11.  Hockey
10.  Cross country skiing
  9.  Biathlon
  8.  Luge
  7.  Skeleton
  6.  Slalom skiing
  5.  Slopestyle
  4.  Aerials
  3.  Downhill skiing
  2.  Ski jumping

  1.  Nordic combined: Cross country skiing and ski jumping, combined into one discipline. Exhaustion + sheer terror = the hardest of any Olympic sport.

7 out of the 10 hardest Winter Olympic sports are classified as ski-sports… gotta be a bornskier!

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