Vasaloppet Race fully booked in 90 seconds!

Vasaloppet Race fully booked in 90 seconds!

It is unavoidable, but everyone who wants to ski Vasaloppet cannot get a start place. There are just 15,800 places each year and there were 30,000 people who logged in at the same time when Vasaloppet’s registration re-opened at 10.00 last Sunday. The pressure was so great that the website crashed. When the system re-opened an hour later, Vasaloppet and StafettVasan were filled in less than two minutes.

During the past week, entry registration has also opened for all the other races with a total of 47,060 registered entries coming in. This further confirms the enormous interest there is to take part in Vasaloppet’s winter week.

The reason the servers crashed was that interest for the winter weeks’ other races was very considerably greater than previously; this meant a four times heavier load than in 2013, when Vasaloppet was filled in 10 minutes.  When the registry opened again at ten o’clock, there were made available only start places to the most popular races, Vasaloppet and StafettVasan, and these were then fully booked in one and a half and two minutes, respectively.

Vasaloppet is the world’s oldest, biggest & longest cross country ski race. The first race was in 1922 and the classic 90 km distance from Sälen to Mora was for a long time the only race.

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