Summer Skiing & Snowboarding

Summer Skiing & Snowboarding

The summer is right around the corner but there is always enough snow somewhere! Snow is still falling and always will, but just higher up the mountains of Europe, Asia and North America or pretty much anywhere down-under in the south hemisphere. BornSkier will be publishing several articles on the subject in coming days so drop your beach towels and flip-flops and grab your skis or board instead and hit the slopes.

Although summer skiing is available in a variety of formats we will only consider “real snow” covered ski resorts where snowboard and snowskiing can be practiced.

Glacier Skiing: While warmer temperatures are limiting year round glacial skiing, some glaciers still run during summer months but mainly in France, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Canada and in the United States.

Heliskiing: Heli-skiing takes skiers via helicopters to ungroomed, backcountry terrain. New Zealand, the Himalayas, Russia, Greenland, Canada are famous heli-ski destinations but there are also popular spots in Alaska, Argentina, Austria, Chile, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy and Turkey. Heliskiing is banned in France.

Grass Skiing: While grass skiing is sometimes considered a developing sport because it is not very wide spread, it is certainly an innovative way to extend your ski season. Grass skiing has gained a worldwide audience, with skiing centers in Italy, Taiwan, China, Japan, Iran, Lebanon, Austria, Switzerland, and in the United States.

Indoor Skiing: Snow domes or indoor ski resorts provide a skiing environment all year long. The most famous one is Ski Dubai. Such centers can be found in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Lithuania, Holland, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, the Emirates and in the United Kingdom.

Summer skiing in the south hemisphere: Taking a trip to a ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere may be the best choice as it is winter there in summer… Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia offer great skiing from May/ June to  September/ October.

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