Winter of 2014 among the snowiest

Winter of 2014 among the snowiest

This winter has had exceptional snow globally, early on in the season with the first snowfall at the beginning of November both in Europe and North America.

It all started in early November with a very snowy and very cold winter bringing a thick snowpack. From the beginning of the winter snow depths were unusual because of their intensity. Despite a sunny and very soft and unstable period, with rains and winds, the snowpack maintained.

But in mid-January until March, temperatures dropped and snowfall increased in intensity and duration, considerably increasing snow accumulation. The snow cover reached its climax in early March. In May, snowmelt stoped due to lower temperatures causing even some snowfalls above 2000 meters (6561 feet). During the month of June, the snow was still present in large amounts on northern slopes above 2200 meters (7217 feet).

And these days in July, you can still see snow in relatively low altitude in the Alps and the Rockies … send us your photos if you see snow near you!

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